As part of the #EnDemocracia initiative of Aru Foundation, we are launching the podcast competition “Young Voices #EnDemocracia”, aimed at young Bolivians between 18 and 29 years of age, interested on formulating ideas around the following topics: Electoral systems, democracy and disinformation, gender and political participation, mechanisms of direct and participatory democracy.

The objective of this competition is to encourage young people to generate public debate, formulating their thoughts on the themes of the project, taking as source the documents of the work carried out in the initiative. The conditions for participation are to review and consider analytical information and statistical data from the working documents of the initiative “Policy Reforms in Bolivia: Evidence-based Recommendations”, participate individually or in pairs and submit only one work per team or person.

The podcast that wins the first place (with the highest score awarded by a jury) will win Bs 2500, the second Bs 2000 and the third Bs 1000.


If you wish to participate you can submit your podcast until July 5, 2023. Read the call for entries to find out more information here: