The baseline was carried out from May to July 2019, covering 7 municipalities in the departments of La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz. The municipalities were: La Paz, El Alto, Viacha, Cercado, Colcapirhua, Santa Cruz and La Guardia. The study populations correspond mainly to high school students in prioritized areas of each municipality. It also includes mixed youth organizations, potential participants in a feminist theory diploma course, itinerant schools and a program to strengthen social leaders. Municipal technicians and political authorities at the municipal government level are also included.
The objective was to carry out a baseline study in relation to the expected results and scope of the target populations in the strategic areas of the project. This sets the initial values to the gauges in the metering box. Four thematic areas were explored: empowerment, the exercise of women’s rights, masculinities and gender-sensitive budgets (PSG). For each thematic area, dimensions were defined and composite indices based on the dimensions were established. Based on the methodology of the indices, weights were established for each dimension. These weights were established by the OXFAM team and are aimed at identifying the changes that the interventions will produce within the dimensions of each index.

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