unidad de microdatos y encuestas

Microdata and Surveys Unit

Microdata and Surveys Unit is a pillar in the research process of our institution. It was created with the vision of democratizing access to information through the production of data on topics of high social interest, the reduction of the existing information gap in sub-national governments and the constant activism in the promotion of the culture of data and evidence.


There is a global inequality that is hindering progress towards improvement. At the moment, we know little about the people who have the least opportunities, but these are the people who most need the world’s attention. Converting global or national aspirations to end poverty, with real changes in people’s lives, will involve knowing more about how the poorest people live and how to improve their ability to access and use data (Cartagena Data Festival, 2015).


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Thanks to the lived experience, different tools were generated and improved aimed at guaranteeing the highest possible quality in the design, development and analysis of data.

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Statistical monitoring

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Microdata and Surveys Unit is made up of the following areas: Thematic, Sampling, Paradata and Systems.


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