The distancing and isolation measures that have been taken in Bolivia since March 11, 2020 to deal with the spread of COVID-19 are entailing high costs for the economy, which will surely translate into reductions in the well-being of people and their families. families, especially for vulnerable groups such as women and informal workers. These losses will contribute to increases in the levels of poverty and inequality, which will require the authorities to take creative action to reverse them.

Generating a broad discussion in this regard will not only provide inputs for the design of public policy responses, but will also help create consensus around them. In this sense, the opinion and proposals of young people are of crucial importance.

Fundación Aru , with the support of Oxfam in Bolivia, proposed a competition of articles and podcasts with young contestants, to learn about proposals for solutions and reflections as a contribution to reflection for a new generation of public policies aimed at reducing inequalities and exclusions.

45 articles and 18 podcasts were received. In the article category, 36 people applied individually and 9 in pairs. In the podcast category, there were 13 individual works and 9 couples. In total, 44 women and 33 men participated; of which 39 belong to the city of La Paz; 18, to Cochabamba; 11, to Santa Cruz; 3, to Sucre; 1, to Tarija; 1, to Oruro and 4 do not have residence information.


First place: Rubén Guachalla Condorena .
Title: Social information systems in Bolivia in times of COVID-19.
Second place : Andrés Pastor Chive Herrera.
Title: Why should we focus attention on inequality?
Third place: Juan de Dios Fernández Campos and Joel Patrick Navia Ortuño.
Title: Doing what you can? Or doing the right thing?
Fourth place: Brenda Bleysin Huaylla Mollo .
Title: Bolivian micro and small companies in times of pandemic: Adaptation and virtualization.
Fifth place: Tatiana Baldiviezo Tellería and Gustavo Ortiz Zarate.
Title: The pandemic and tourism, the background is more serious than it seems.

First place: Nancy Alejandra Terán Orsini and Diego Andrés Peñaranda Molina.
Second place (tie with first): Madahí Katherine García Medrano and Giovanni Sirham León Mendoza.
Third place: Luis Fernando Serrudo Lazaro and Estefani Samanta Tapia Sanjines .
Fourth place: Sofía Camila Rodríguez Pozo.
Fifth place: Nuvia Dayana Gandarillas Ferrufino .

To read and listen to the works of the winners, download the magazine Young Bolivian Voices in the Face of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Listen to the podcasts by entering our playlist: on YouTube.

We also share the Foundation document that was used as a source for the competition: Poverty, inequality and the labor market: Bolivia in times of COVID-19