The Aru Foundation is proud to announce the addition of 9 interns to the team, who join the organization to strengthen our mission of producing and promoting high quality applied research. These interns, comprised of 8 researchers and 1 graphic designer, will play key roles in generating scientific evidence that informs and influences the public policy debate.

The Aru Foundation is a non-profit, independent and pluralistic organization dedicated to addressing development challenges through rigorous research and the production of evidence-based knowledge.

The 8 research interns selected to join the Aru Foundation will bring a diversity of experience and expertise in different areas of study. Their work will contribute to the generation of solid, quality scientific evidence, providing the necessary basis for informed public policy decisions.

The Aru Foundation also welcomes 1 intern in Graphic Design, who will play a key role in the dissemination and promotion of the research results generated.

The Aru Foundation is committed to providing interns with an enriching work environment where they can develop their skills and knowledge, and gain practical experience in the field of research and communication. In addition to participating in projects, interns will receive training and professional growth opportunities to help them reach their full potential.