The Aru Foundation is pleased to introduce “Facts & Figures”, a new section that offers interns and young researchers a space to share mini-articles, news and research data.

What is Facts & Figures?

Facts & Figures is a section created by the Aru Foundation to provide young researchers with a space where they can constantly disseminate data and submit mini-articles related to the research topics they are working on. This space not only allows them to share their findings, but also to practice and improve their academic writing and scientific dissemination skills.

Objective of Facts & Figures

The main objective of Facts & Figures is to nurture the skills of young researchers and provide them with a platform to practice and showcase their work in a professional environment. By providing them with a space to share mini-articles and research data, the Aru Foundation seeks to foster their academic development and promote their participation in informed debate on evidence-based public policy.

The mini-articles and news items featured in Facts & Figures will be closely related to the Aru Foundation’s research agendas. This will ensure that the topics covered are relevant and aligned with Aru.

By encouraging the ongoing dissemination and dissemination of data and research, the Aru Foundation seeks to contribute to an informed and enriching dialogue in the public policy arena. In addition, Facts & Figures provides valuable hands-on experience to interns and young researchers, allowing them to hone their writing, communication, and data analysis skills.

The Aru Foundation invites young researchers and interns to take advantage of this opportunity to share their knowledge and perspectives through Facts & Figures. The exchange of ideas and collaboration are critical to driving applied research and improving the impact of scientific evidence on decision making.

To access the Facts & Figures section and explore the mini articles and published research data, visit the publications tab.