Our institution

Fundación Aru

Quality Research Evidence-Based Policies.

The Aru Foundation is a non-profit, independent and plural organization committed to producing and promoting high-quality applied research based on global tools, aimed at informing and influencing the debate on public policies based on scientific evidence.

Mission and vision

It is the mission of the Aru Foundation to strengthen applied research and promote research-oriented training in Bolivia.
Fundación Aru has the vision of contributing to the construction of a more inclusive, cohesive society, with equal opportunities based on more effective public policies.


High quality applied research standards

Aru has adopted a strategy to ensure the quality of its research based on three pillars.
The first pillar refers to the careful use of official sources and the collection of reliable data. The second pillar consists of exhaustively identifying the economic and social problems of households based on quantitative and qualitative evidence in order to project policies aimed at solving them. In particular, the evaluation considers rigorous methodologies that include scope, impacts, costs, effectiveness, equity, and unplanned adverse effects. The third pillar consists of continuous training and updating for young researchers in each phase of the research process.

Promoting the formulation of public policies based on evidence

When policies are based on a solid understanding of the issues, they tend to be more effective. The production of research provides the evidence to define public policy problems, avoiding preconceived conclusions. Many research results can gradually become conventional wisdom and, in the long run, contribute to good public policy decisions. Producing and disseminating research can facilitate political debate and better public policies and better decisions can be designed to improve people’s lives. Aru produces research papers and consultancy reports as a means of influence through networking and building long-term institutional relationships with political actors, civil society, and the donor community.