Paul Mauricio Villarroel Via

Senior researcher
Member of the Instituting Assembly

He served as lead researcher of the Monitoring and Evaluation Group, his studies cover areas such as employment, education and well-being. Its activities focused on the development of survey designs for impact evaluations, studies of returns to education, middle classes and entrepreneurship, and creation of social indicators, among others. Prior to Aru, he worked as an independent consultant in the preparation and evaluation of social, industrial and commercial projects; he was a research assistant at the Economic Research Center of the Bolivian Private University, in database management for studies carried out by the College of Economists of Cochabamba and the Bolivian Private University. He graduated with excellence in Economics from the Bolivian Private University with the Magna Cum Laude distinction, in addition to having a Diploma in Quantitative Methods for Economic and Social Analysis from the Bolivian Private University.

Areas of interest:
Labor economics, impact evaluation and education


Documentos de Trabajo

2012 La Evolución de la Pobreza en Bolivia: Un enfoque Multidimensional

2011 Entrepreneurship and economic mobility: A case Study of Bolivia

2019 Ejercicio de listado como parte de la evaluación de impacto ex post del Programa de Inclusión Económica para Familias y Comunidades Rurales en el Territorio del Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia (ACCESOS)”