Aru Foundation is carrying out the Prospective Analysis project on Agriculture in Pandemic Times, where it is proposed to carry out research on the possible impacts of the health and economic crisis, within the political and environmental context, and on the prospects for agricultural production with the further evidence.

The objective of the project is to generate analytical visions and build scenarios of the possible effects and impacts in the presence of COVID-19 and the political situation.

Likewise, it seeks to analyze the necessary measures to face the challenges imposed by the pandemic in the current political and economic context.
It is proposed to develop short, medium and long term scenarios based on a strategy that combines: the processing of secondary information, from the producers who provided information for the baseline, collection of new data based on a telephone survey (or other means in line) and an inquiry with relevant partners and actors of the Inclusive Markets project.
The Inclusive Markets project is executed by the Swedish Cooperation, the Swiss Cooperation in Bolivia, the Swisscontact Foundation and the PROFIN Foundation, whose purpose is to contribute to the reduction of poverty and the improvement of the quality of life of rural families in prioritized territories.