Year: 2012

Author(s): Paul M. Villarroel Via, Werner L. Hernani Limarino

This document “The evolution of poverty in Bolivia: A multidimensional approach” builds a multidimensional poverty measure for Bolivia based on all the fundamental rights established in the 2008 Constitution that can be measured in surveys. It documents the changes in poverty observed in Bolivia during the last decade using a multidimensional approach. In particular, we extend Hernani Limarino’s (2010) analysis of the evolution of monetary poverty with an analysis that incorporates five non-monetary dimensions: access to education, short-term social security (health), long-term social security (pensions), adequate housing, and basic housing services (electricity, water, basic sanitation and telecommunications). Our analysis shows that, despite the observed reduction in monetary poverty, non-monetary poverty has remained high and elusive during the last decade in Bolivia.