“Econometric study of benefits for the citizen and costs saved to the State by effect of the application of the Conciliation in Judicial Headquarters”
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    With the entry into force of the Code of Civil and Family Processes and of the Conciliation in Judicial Headquarters (CSJ), results were observed that suggested the high effectiveness and efficiency (in terms of savings and in terms of duration of judicial processes) of the reforms introduced there. To assess the extent to which these effects were valid, a study was carried out that approximates the main costs and benefits of the Settlement in the period from 2014 (year in which the investment begins) to 2018 (year in which the Conciliation). Data from the Closing Report, statistical yearbooks of the Judicial Branch and 3 surveys applied to beneficiaries, conciliators and judges were used. This information was supplemented with qualitative evidence from 43 interviews with key people in Chuquisaca, La Paz and Santa Cruz.