The Evolution of Poverty in Bolivia: A Multidimensional Approach
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    Paul M. Villarroel Via, Werner L. Hernani Limariino

    This document, "The Evolution of Poverty in Bolivia: A Multidimensional Approach", builds a multidimensional poverty measure for Bolivia based on all the fundamental rights established in the 2008 Constitution that can be measured in the surveys; and documents the changes in poverty observed in Bolivia during the last decade using a multidimensional approach. In particular, we extend Hernani-Limarino's (2010) analysis of the evolution of monetary poverty with an analysis that incorporates five non-monetary dimensions: access to education, short-term social security (health), long-term social security (pensions ), adequate housing, and basic housing services (electricity, water, basic sanitation, and telecommunications). Our analysis shows that, despite the reduction observed in monetary poverty, non-monetary poverty has remained high and elusive during the last decade in Bolivia.