• "Household survey to measure the impact of COVID 19"

    In order to know the magnitude of the changes in well-being associated with the health emergency, during the containment measures and the recovery period, Aru Foundation is developing the "Household Survey to Measure the Impact of COVID 19". The target population of the study includes 18 year olds, residents of private ...

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  • "Measurement, analysis and interpretation of Tarija's multidimensional poverty index"

    This project was carried out by Aru Foundation, which provided work on the systematization of the sampling frame, stratification and selection of statistical units. In all the municipalities of the department, the selected sample reached 170 Primary Sampling Units (communities and / or districts), and obtained information from 2,528 households and 8,630 ...

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  • "Survey of households to measure social progess index and other indicators of human development in the department of Tarija"

    The survey was carried out from the middle of the month of July to the middle of the month of August 2019, the survey considered in its design a probabilistic, stratified and phased sampling, considering as study domains the 11 municipalities of the Department of Tarija.

    Related institutions

    Departmental Autonomous ...

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  • "Economic Inclusion Program for Families and Rural Communities in the Territory of Plurinational State of Bolivia"

    As an activity prior to the collection of information for the impact evaluation, Aru Foundation carried out, from August to October 2019, the consultancy “List exercise as part of the ex post impact evaluation of the Economic Inclusion Program for Families and Rural Communities in the Territory of the Plurinational State of Bolivia (ACCESOS) ”. ...

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  • "Women of Bolivia - Your rights in the budget"

    The baseline was carried out from May to July 2019, covering 7 municipalities in the departments of La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz. The municipalities were: La Paz, El Alto, Viacha, Cercado, Colcapirhua , Santa Cruz and La Guardia. The study populations correspond mainly to secondary school students in prioritized ...

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  • “Evidence Generation and Advocacy Workshops”

    In order to deepen the discussion, promote advocacy and generate clear and updated evidence on the trends and causes of inequality and poverty in Bolivia, Oxfam Foundation and Aru Foundation developed activities within the framework of a collaboration agreement called “Evidence Generation and Advocacy Workshops”; ...

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  • Diagnosis, analysis and proposal of social protection for children

    Through Supreme Decree No. 29272 of September 12, 2007, the Social Protection and Comprehensive Community Development Policy (PSyDIC) is established in Bolivia.
    Despite the fact that this social protection framework is in place, the country suffers from a rights-based approach to social protection aimed at children, ...

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  • Evaluation of effects and impact generated by the old FTP project on employment conditions and income levels

    This project consists of evaluating the effects and impact generated by the old project, Vocational Technical Training on the employment conditions and income levels of its beneficiaries who accessed improved training processes during its fourth phase of implementation, within the framework of the impact evaluation ...

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  • Calculation of the multidimensional poverty index of the Inclusive Markets project

    This project seeks to build a qualitative and quantitative baseline based on reliable estimators with acceptable error levels for the product and effect indicators of the project, allowing the initial situation, or without the project, of the family productive units (UPF) and its context , in the prioritized areas ...

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  • Econometric study on benefits and costs saved to the State by conciliation in court

    This project elaborates a specialized analysis with orientation to the impact of the costs saved by the State and the benefits for the citizen in the application of the conciliation in judicial seat as a counterpart to an ordinary judicial process, with an average cost per case, in the period from February 10th, 2016 to December 31st, 2017

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