• “Opportunities and Challenges of Impact Assessment in Developing Countries” with Werner Hernani

    Opportunities and Challenges of Impact Assessment in Developing Countries

    The session will reason around the following key questions:

    • What is a program evaluation? When and why are they necessary? When are they politically feasible? What information is necessary to make them possible?

    • What are the main evaluation designs? Is it possible to carry out an ex-ante evaluation? Is an ex-post evaluation useful? What are the differences between qualitative and quantitative evaluations? What are the costs and times of the different alternatives? What is the internal validity and the external validity of the different alternatives?

    • How were the region's flagship impact evaluations carried out? (Practical exercises of replicability of the most widespread evaluations in the region in each of the methods)

    • How can I develop an impact evaluation? (Presentation of evaluation proposals)

    • How to communicate the results of an impact evaluation? Key messages and audiences. Techniques for interpreting results beyond statistics. The "whys and hows" of comparative cost effectiveness analysis for informed public policy.