Work with us

Fundación Aru has a long tradition of working together with partner institutions and individuals on research and evaluation of programs and projects. Here are the ways in which we can work together..

Institutional partnerships:

We value institutional collaboration to strengthen our research agendas and thus support in achieving the goals of our partner institutions. We specialize in conducting rigorous impact or outcome evaluations conducted by our multidisciplinary team. That is why we invite universities, research centers, private entities and international organizations to join us for any evidence-based research work.

Our expertise in statistical methodologies, primary data collection and data management ensure that joint projects are of the highest quality, also contributing to the socio-economic development of the country and the implementation of better evidence-based policies.

Working with external researchers:

We open our doors to researchers interested in conducting studies and projects of any kind in Bolivia and its different regions. We offer a stimulating academic environment and access to an extensive database and resources. Our mission is to support academics and professionals in conducting research that contributes to the understanding of the country’s socioeconomic challenges. We believe that the way to achieve this is through exchanges that allow researchers to immerse themselves in the challenging Bolivian context and collaborate with local experts, enriching both their professional experience and the results of their analysis.

Agenda with decision makers and policy makers

For years, at Fundación Aru we have been working closely with policy-makers to provide analysis that informs and improves public policy-making in Bolivia. We offer rigorous tools and studies that address the country’s socioeconomic challenges, enabling the creation of more effective and equitable policies. Our commitment is to support decision makers with accurate data, rigorous statistical analysis and assertive recommendations, ensuring that the policies implemented generate a positive and sustainable impact on Bolivian society.

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